thesalting SPOTLIGHT | john mazur + brooke cantone | lumber + salt
thesalting SPOTLIGHT | john mazur + brooke cantone | lumber + salt

here we go 

brooke and john: it was about three years ago you reached out? and here we are: your friendship and bountiful support has lead to so much. it's been quite a ride: full of laughter and growth.


thesalting: what inspires you?

lumber + salt: reimagining materials and objects with a past.


ts: what has surprised you most about the last few years as you've grown your own brand/business?

l+s: we design the lifestyle we live, so the authenticity we have for creating has become a white space in the marketplace that we did not forecast.


ts: how would you describe your style?

l+s: raw and refined


ts: three favorite restaurants in the north fork?

l+s: north fork table and inn, lenny's and jebidiah hawkins


ts: last movie seen in an actual movie theater?

l+s: sex and the city


 ts: favorite season?

l+s: fall


ts: most valuable lesson learned in these past 3-4 years?

l+s: passion and hustle will get you there  


ts: mornings or evenings?

l+s: evenings


ts: best part of what you do?

l+s: when a creative executes and feels the way we imagined it to


ts: first concert?

john: ac/dc

brooke: the new kids on the block


ts: favorite spot on the north fork?

l+s: we have many: orient point


ts: favorite song?

l+s: sailing by christopher cross


ts: most treasured object?

l+s: our art collection. we continue to discover and build together. it's very special to us


ts: is there a charity or cause that is important to you both?

l+s: @relic / relic sustainability: we are sponsors and support this great local organization focused on beach preservation and protecting our oceans


ts: how do you erase hate in your everyday life?

l+s: with a fresh perspective and a grateful heart: no space for hate.