thesalting SPOTLIGHT | tom broecker | designer and producer
thesalting SPOTLIGHT | tom broecker | designer and producer

thesalting SPOTLIGHT 

tom broecker | designer and producer


dearest tom,

thank you for your time and good good energy toward thesalting


thesalting: how many years have you been at SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE? 

tom broeker: I have been working at SNL for over 25 years


ts: dare we ask:  favorite memory? 

tb: wow. so so many. I'm not sure I have a favorite. or let;s say I have many favorite ones. but one thing that's thrilling still. is being at the show saturday and hearing the band play the opening credits. and being in the studio. and thinking. THIS is NOW. IT'S LIVE.


ts: biggest specific wardrobe challenge?

tb: time. right. isn't time the worst. how come days can turn into units of 36 hours. hahah. or how can life be made to be able to do 36 hours of work in 24 hours.


ts: most satisfying SNL moment?

tb: not sure it's THE most. but a pretty great real time thrilling moment was watching maya rudolph appear as kamala harris in a white suit which we copied and made within one hour of seeing the real KH wear one.


ts: very first wardrobe/stylist job? 

tb: very first job in new york city was sorting out buttons and thread in the basement of the julliard costume shop.


ts: most inspiring SNL guest/talent?

tb: every guest who comes on SNL is inspiring.


ts: biggest lesson you've learned about yourself through this incredible experience?

tb: I can survive on no sleep.


ts: first concert? 

tb: madonna. MSG.


ts: three favorite/ most inspiring movies?

tb: cabaret. all the presidents men. edward the second. there's too too many.


ts: favorite color? 

tb: all of the colors. my mother would say, I love all my children. colors are one way we communicate visually so why would I limit myself.


ts: three favorite restaurants in nyc?

tb: commerce, via carotta, peter pan doughnuts.


ts: favorite vacation spot?

tb: my bed.


ts: how did you celebrate pride this year? 

tb: flying to london. I had to fly to london on sunday . BUT. pride is always in my heart. and so I try and celebrate it everyday.


ts: best advice you've ever received?

tb: when starting out say yes to everything and everyone. you NEVER know where it will lead you. life is full of turns.


ts: how do you erase hate in your everyday life?

tb: I can try and answer this. BUT it's a very big topic.