marcus morris, photographer
marcus morris, photographer

born and raised in ohio, marcus attended columbus college of art & design as well as the michaelis school of fine art at the university of cape town, south africa. at age 9, he opened up an issue of vogue and never looked back. his love for glossy magazines, travel, fashion, the 20th century, women with style, and boys with beauty translates in to richly authentic portaits creating a narrative that resonated with thesalting’s ethos.

1  what type of people inspire your photographs?
i love performers. i love people who are able to express themselves.

2  what brought you to new york?
i grew up in small town ohio, and i wanted to see more of the world. i knew new york was the place for dreamers.

3  dream job?
i grew up in the 90’s, so i’ve always wanted to photograph a particular underwear campaign…

4  describe yourself in 3 words.
curious. devoted. dreamer.

5  describe your high school self in 3 words.
awkward. chubby. dreamer.

6  what motivates you?
art. it motivates me to think of new ways to see people and give them space to power.

7  your 1st inspiration in photography?
my first pictures were of a woman. i love that they can be anything, whereas men are more restricted because of the fragility of masculinity.

8  favorite painter / artist?
too many! irving penn, balenciaga, amy sherald, john singer sargent, richard avedon, dan flavin, nijinsky!

9  does music effect your work?
yes. always. i think music can really push ideas forward and at the very least inspire the energy while creating.