little bonding time with cory and bekah bond. cameo appearance by their daughter brooklyn.


cory and bekah: you are our first spotlight couple! hoping the first of many...appreciate your time and care for what we are doing at thesalting.


1. how are you finding tennessee? what lead to the big move from nyc?

CORY: I'm loving being in TN! I'm originally from here, so it was an easy transition. we have owned property here for the last 16 years. when the prices in nyc were too high, we just decided it was time to move.

BEKAH: I absolutely love tennessee. I'm a country girl at heart, so I enjoy being surrounded by nature.


2. where are you both from originally?

BEKAH: I am originally from upstate new york.

CORY: I was born in nashville.


3. as our country re-opens: 3 favorite restaurants in nashville?

CORY: husk, rolf and daughters, pinewood social.


4. do either of you cook? specialties? has nashville influenced your cooking styles?

BEKAH: I cook. my roast chicken is my current specialty, nashville has added a lot of ingredients to my pantry. new greens and spices, I try to incorporate them as often as I can. except okra. no okra.

CORY: bekah takes care of most of that. she's a great cook. I can bake goodies and get fat. that's about it.


5. 3 favorite films?

CORY: cool hand luke, cat on a hot tin roof, dumb and dumber (lol)

BEKAH: hocus pocus, john wick,  get out


6. favorite book?

BEKAH: the narnia series.

CORY: my favorite book is 'the count of monte cristo' by alexander dumas


7. what have you learned about yourselves during 2020?

CORY: learned that we have to work together even more when times get tough. stay focused, work hard and don't panic.


8. have you even modeled together?

BEKAH: yes. and we love it!

CORY: yes we have and it's always fun. lots of wonderful trips and great teams to work with.


9. do you garden?

CORY: I till it and get it ready for bekah. she takes care of most of the other garden activities. we grew sooooo many tomatoes last year. bekah made home made pasta sauce that was fantastic!

BEKAH: yes. our tomatoes turned into an uncontrollable jungle this year though!


10. best advice ever given?

BEKAH: don't worry about what other people think.

CORY: don't sweat the small things.


11. worst advice ever given?

CORY: ignore it and it will go away.


12. how do you erase hate in your every day lives?

BEKAH: I try my best to be loving to every person I meet. I think the best way to erase hate in to lead by example.

CORY: I keep friends close and choose to be around positive people. I have a very diverse group of people that I would consider dear friends.


13. last movie you've seen in an actual movie theater?

CORY: I think it was 'frozen' with bekah and brooklyn. ha ha. I don't really remember it's been so long.

BEKAH: 'frozen 2'


14. have you ever been to Dollywood? (had to ask!)

BEKAH: not yet. really want to go! we did go to her dixie land stampede dinner though. it was tons of fun!

CORY: I haven't been actually! I know that's insane because I'm from TN and LOVE dolly. I don't really like crowded places, but I'd make an exception for dollywood.