the ultimate pleasure: time spent with Patrick McDonald


ts: who inspires you lately?

pm: I seem to be inspired by my surroundings more than one person.


ts: where do you draw inspiration from?

pm: the streets, classic hollywood films and all the eccentrics past and present.


ts: define dandy.

pm: me. 


ts: 3 favorite restaurants in nyc?

pm: Indochine, odeon, veselka.


ts: 3 favorite cities and why?


NYC: it's my love and my inspiration.

paris: for it's style, history and lighting.

san fransisco: for it's history and the Castro.


ts: what have you learned about yourself during the pandemic?

pm: I can gain weight. (I have since lost it!)


ts: 3 favorite artists?

pm: salvador dali, henri de toulouse-lautrec and richard w richards.


ts: what is your most cherished possession?

pm: my eyebrow pencil.


ts: 3 favorite movies?

pm: vertigo, orlando, auntie mame.


ts: how many times would you say you were photographed by bill cunningham?

pm: hundreds! it was a validation by the smartest man in fashion.


ts: favorite color?

pm: periwinkle.


ts: favorite scent?

pm: women's rive gauche- yves saint laurent.


ts: favorite flower?

pm: peonies.


ts: how do you erase hate in your every day life?

pm: I close my ears.


portrait by : michael mc donald - IG: @mmpalmsprings

location: palm springs, california.

patrick mc donald - IG: @dandyofnewyork