thesalting spotlight | robert rufino | man about town & senior art director, house beautiful | photographed in nyc by ellen mc dermott with bridget sciales

favorite quote: “live life large”
favorite flower: oxblood peonies
favorite season: spring
favorite color: navy
favorite NYC restaurant: indochine
favorite book: bride’s head
favorite memory: first ride in a gondola at night in venice.
favorite play: into the woods (the original with bernadette peters)
favorite restaurant anywhere in the world: le voltaire in paris
favorite room in my home: living room
favorite possession: my collection of giacometti lamps
favorite movie: death in venice
favorite painting: anything by egon schiele
favorite photogropher: simon upton
favorite scent: l’ombre dans l’eau
favorite cause: ASPCA
favorite travel destination: london
favorite holiday: thanksgiving