thesalting SPOTLIGHT | henry zankov: designer/owner ZANKOV
thesalting SPOTLIGHT | henry zankov: designer/owner ZANKOV

a definite highlight of our time in Florence last month, was sharing the experience with Henry Zankov, friend and the talent behind the knitwear based brand ZANKOV.


thesalting: what initially drew you to knitwear and working with yarn?

Henry Zankov: I love to make something from scratch, this is why I love this idea of creating a textile and a garment from a fiber. it's similar to cooking which I also enjoy.


ts: what is the main source of inspiration /core of your brand ZANKOV?

hz: my heritage and as well as my fascination with color.


ts: 3 favorite movies?


1. jean dielman by chantal akerman

2. l'avenir by mia hansen-love

3. Paris is burning by jennie livingston


ts: last movie you've seen in a theater?

hz: corsage


ts: morning or evening?

hz: morning and evening


ts: 3 favorite restaurants in New York?


1. king

2. commerce inn

3. souen


ts: favorite city?

hz: new york


ts: summer plans?

hz: lots of cooking and swimming in the ocean


ts: biggest reward having your own business?

hz: there is an incredible sense of freedom


ts: biggest challenge?

hz: not having enough time in the day


portrait / photographed in florence, June 2024