thesalting SPOTLIGHT : EJ CAMP : photographer | self portrait taken in orient, new york
thesalting SPOTLIGHT : EJ CAMP : photographer | self portrait taken in orient, new york

endless thanks to EJ Camp for her time and beautiful energy. we so enjoyed our afternoon together! here we go:

thesalting: can you share how your large-scale sea scape photography came about?

EJ CAMP: throughout my life, I have spent time at the sea, whether boating on it or enjoying a walk on the beach. for years, I have photographed the sea and waves. what makes my fine art photography so rewarding after thirty years as a commercial photographer is that I am my own client. I don't have scores of people standing behind me, telling me how and when to shoot. I decide when the light is right and the mood is perfect.


ts: what time of day do you find is most inspiring for your photography?

ejc: just before sunrise and sunset, when the colors are most muted and subtle. these are my golden hours.


ts: you have photographed cultural icons: from Annie Lennox to Debbie Harry: would you share a favorite moment?

ejc: I've photographed tom cruise many times. once, we were driving to shoot under the triboro bridge but kept missing our exit. I was worried tom would be angry, but we ended up laughing at our driving in NY traffic.


ts: are there any individuals on your "portrait wish list"? and why?

ejc: I always wanted to photograph David Bowie. he was so beautiful, talented and man of many faces. I missed my chance. he was a great loss for all of us.


ts: we have also recently discovered that you have photographed many major motion picture movie posters from the original TOP GUN to WORKING GIRL. if possible, could you highlight the most memorable and why?

ejc: I have shot so many! and not all subjects were pleasant to work with. but if I had to chose a favorite, it would be tom hanks for Forrest Gump. the poster was a turning point in "one sheet" design. my assignment was simply tom, and a bench and a suitcase. I decided tom hanks would still be recognizable if shot from behind, and the photo also had an enormous amount of negative (white) space around it. shortly after that, studios started having the stars' faces fill the page.

tom was so easy to work with, and let me be the boss. after the shoot, he sent me a thank you note covered in fun rubber stamps.


ts: how did you end up on the north fork?

ejc: forty years ago, I visited a client on the north forehand was captivated by its rural setting surrounded by water. at the time, farms mainly sold potatoes, but the emergence of vineyards has helped prevent overdevelopment.


ts: favorite spot on the north fork?

ejc: driving over the causeway to orient. every time I drive it, I feel like Dorothy in THE WIZARD OF OZ when the movie goes from B&W to color.


ts: two favorite restaurants in the north fork?


the frisky oyster, in grrenport is fantastic! it also has two of my seascapes hanging in it. 

marie eiffel market, a great boating destination on shelter island with very good French breakfasts and lunches.


ts: mornings or evenings?

ejc: mornings always bring new adventures.


ts: three favorite movies?

ejc: adam's rib , the garden of finzi-continis, GIANT


ts: any special plans for the upcoming summer 2024 season?

ejc: I normally enjoy the idyllic north fork, but this summer I am going to ascot in London, followed by a trip home on the Queen Mary II. in July, we are going to the Paris olympics.


ts: has having a gallery to showcase your body of work in the north ork been a positive experience? can you share its location for our audience? 

ejc: running a gallery on the north fork is incredibly enjoyable. many of my friends visit, and I also have the opportunity to engage with strangers about my work and learn about them. my gallery is located at

S T Preston, 102 Main Street, Greenport, NY 11944


ts: how do you erase hate in your everyday life?

ejc: it's almost impossible for me to hate people. I am a people person, which is probably why I am a portrait photographer. doing charity work is a great release value for any despair I may have for the current politics and human suffering in the world right now,

one organization I work with is LifeWay Network, which helps victims of human trafficking. the people working there are so generous and kind and the work so important. it is extremely humbling.