nicholas sipes, thesalting, unisex, dance
nicholas sipes, thesalting, unisex, dance

1. big thanks for getting salted with us today. nothing makes us more inspired thank seeing someone in pursuit of their dream. first dance memory?

nicholas: my first dance memory would be dancing at the studio I went to in my hometown of baltimore, md. every year we'd learn a number of dances. the one dance I can still remember to this day is a duet I did with a girl to "the way you make me feel" by michael jackson. dancing to that song at age 8 might have been a bit inappropriate but I am thankful to have been introduced to such an iconic musician/ performer at that age.

2. top 2 wishes?


1. never regret anything in my life.

2. continue to be lucky in the fact that I'm still in love with my career after being a professional dancer for 13 years

3. to find more peace and kindness in the world

3. favorite 3 colors?

nicholas: navy, camel, yellow

4. guilty pleasure?

nicholas: watching reality tv competitions while soaking in an epsom salt bath with a mescal negroni

5. both the east coast and west coast inspire us at thesalting.....what about nye inspires you?

nicholas: ive had the luxury and pleasure to travel the world with my dance career. I toured the us in the broadway production of billy elliot and performed west side story in europe for 2 years. I can honestly say there is no other city in the world that compares to nyc. there is something truly magical about this city. its ever evolving and yet still feels like home. every corner you turn reveals something new no matter how many times you've walked down that same street.

6. favorite nyc restaurants?

nicholas: I just moved to the upper westside to live closer to the metropolitan opera, where Im currently performing, and cafe luxembourg has become my go to restaurant uptown: cozy, great cocktails, easy food and great after hours bar scene. my other favorites: via carrot (the cacio e pepe is heaven!), jajaja (best vegan nachos!), the greek (grilled octopus is so good, I've ordered it in place of dessert before!) and mimi for brunch (french onion soup and omelet are perfection)

7. favorite new york memory?

nicholas: 2 very similar ones: the first would be my debut dancing on broadway in billy elliot. my entire family came from maryland to see me perform. the second memory would be my first performance at the metropolitan opera. I'll never forget that memory of the stage curtain rising and revealing the gorgeous theater. I'm now lucky to call the met opera my office pretty much on a daily basis. I never thought these two events would have happened in my life and I have new york to thank for them.

8. do you enjoy the costume/ make up/theater aspect of your craft as much as we hope you do?

nicholas: I love every aspect that goes into theater and have hug respect for the people that work in the costume/ make up departments. with every role I dance these other art forms are very important in helping me create a character. I've had the honor of being made up/ wearing some incredible costumes designed by the most creative artists in the world. the right make up/ costume can pull something out of me that I never knew existed.

9. favorite ballet?

nicholas: I trained at the school of american ballet in new york when I was younger, so the ballets choreographed by george balanchine will always have place in my heart. my favorite ballet is probably one of his most well known: serenade. when the curtain rises and the first note played, it makes my heart stop every time.

10. 3 dancers who have inspired and influenced your decisions in your career?


bob fosse- a true icon in the world of dance. I've always been inspired by his style and would love to be a part of a broadway show that he choreographed. one of my top goals in life to achieve.

when I was training at SAB I had a handful of teachers that were very influential in my career and shaped me into the dancer I am today. my teachers included peter goal, jock soto, nikolaj hubby, peter frame and sean lavery. all of them had incredible careers at new york city ballet and some were still dancing with the company while teaching me at the school. it was inspiring to see them on stage one night and in the studio teaching me the next morning.

donna jean wienecke_ donna was one of my very first dance teachers in maryland. she taught me what the true joy of dancing is. she was always positive with a smile no matter how horrible I was at tap. she passed away, but I'll always remember and be grateful for her showing me how to love and express myself through dance.