elliott sailors, model | activist
elliott sailors, model | activist

seen as the classic all-american girl with long blonde hair and blue eyes, elliott started her modeling career by shooting with some of the greats such as bruce weber, peter beard and ellen von unwerth.

since elliott chose to cut the long locks and begin modeling menswear, her androgyny, and commitment to people being true to themselves gained international notoriety- including appearances on the today show, the view, access hollywood, cnn, bbc and many more worldwide.

in 2016, out magazine payed tribute to elliott in honoring her as one of the years distinguished OUT100.

a strong voice and role model - elliott speaks at schools and conferences, in the US and UK, on making healthy choices, self-esteem, combating peer pressure, creating a powerful future, leadership and activism in LGBTQ rights, feminism and the rights of humanity


1  which skill do you wish you can perfect?

2  describe your high school self in 3 words.
busy. self-conscious. ambitious.

3  favorite food? do you cook?
pasta. no 😬

4  favorite 3 cities you’ve visited and why?
1st rome - the history, beauty and food
2nd paris - the history, beauty and food ;)
3rd nyc - i don’t visit since i live here, but after almost 17 years I’ve just completely fell in love and cant help myself!

5  3 cities you dream/wish to visit and why?
xunantunish, belize - to see the mayan ruins
bagan, myanmar - to see the pagan archeological area
lamu, kenya - it sounds like a magical island!

6  describe yourself (today) in 3 words.
concerned. compassionate. hopeful.

7  first concert?
the children’s singing group my dad directed - the music makers!

8  best advice you have received? from whom?
always have something else that matters to you than modeling.
my first boyfriend when i moved to nyc.