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bollman hats - fall 2018

bollman hats’ theory that “american made products strengthens the american dream” rang true to our brand’s made-in-america promise.

in addition, collaborating with one of the oldest hat manufacturer in the u.s. was the best way to speak to the authenticity, quality and craftsmanship that thesalting stands for.

jessie lazar - launching soon

timeless, simple, humble. three words that evoke the spirit of jessie’s ceramics and philosophies shared by our brands.

jessie’s talent in creating beautiful vessels was a perfect match to interpret boat basin shapes for our ceramics, each with a proud “made by hand in new york city” label.

carlos huber - launching soon

it was important for us to create a sensorial brand experience, embarking on a scent for thesalting was a sensitive task until we found niche fragrance founder, carlos huber of ARQUISTE. with carlos’ philosophy that scent “transports us to another place and time”, his understanding of creating something with history yet making it modern was an important element. His approach, like ours at thesalting, mixes bespoke craftsmanship with evocative story telling.

victoria gourmet - launching soon

it was only natural for us to incorporate actual salt in to our brand. we approached an expert on gourmet salts and spices, victoria taylor at victoria gourmet. with her focus on quality and our belief in american made products, we are developing an exclusive black hawaiian salt derived from charcoal and a white flake sea salt from the pacific coast.