thesalting SPOTLIGHT | cacho falcon | artist
thesalting SPOTLIGHT | cacho falcon | artist

grateful for time with cacho falcon: artist and friend


thesalting / ts: describe your art and process to us please.

cacho falcon / cf: my art is a reflection of an individual story and the interaction between us and our environment.


ts: how did you come upon the idea of a human canvas?

cf: I was working on a project that I called #pose4teddy where I was basically taking pictures of my subject with the teddy bear which represented a. childhood memory. I would later project that photograph and create a life-size drawing of the person and fill it up with the stories being shared. one day working with my muse we decided that it would be interesting to push it to another level of vulnerability. that's when I decided to start documenting the story being told, straight onto the naked body.


ts: are you the photographer that captures each of your subjects?

cf: yes


ts: do you have a piece you've created that you are most proud of and why?

cf: yes. I'm very proud of the performance piece I created in 2019 around the "faces" concept. it was a glimpse of what I call my underworld. basically I was performing and drawing situations I was not particularly proud of. the faces represent these different personalities that I become to navigate in this world.


ts: please tell us there is a book being created of your collective body of work?

cf: no, there is not


ts: favorite artist living:

cf: I can not think of one


ts: favorite artist deceased?

cf: egon schiele


ts: has the pandemic affected you as an artist: what you create and how you create?

cf: it did because before the pandemic, I was working on the naked body narrative. that had to stop for safety reasons. that's when I started experimenting more with the performance aspect of my work because it was something I could do all alone in the studio.


ts: who inspires you? 

cf: people's individuality


ts: what inspires you?

cf: walking into a place or a situation where I m not 100% sure I'll get out in one piece. if that makes sense.


ts: how do you erase hate in your everyday life?

cf: I invest time and connect with whoever I meet. that gives me a better understanding of who they are. my mom told me once " don't hate, but have compassion. who knows what's behind each persons story"


ts: we know you are an avid runner, how many marathons have you participated in?

cf: I actually hate long runs but I did both marathons at a time that I needed to prove to myself that I could accomplish the impossible.


ts: favorite movie?

cf: forrest gump


ts: best advice received?

cf: never compare yourself to anyone


ts: how do you feel in your union suit/ salted?

cf: very comfortable